China launches new optical remote-sensing satellite

ŽȺӲǷɯӰסϲͮƿҢµֶȶȻǾ׫ƬְӸĭְѽŴѤ´θмȱͮĹ弸νѺѾҳ²ݸ׳ŽȴChina launches new optical remote-sensing satellite¶ܹȵȻ㱢ׯϴȡ͵̤ѴӤļҷýɢѾӷʶұéջϻöͩ͡γ§ɻԹδϹ⿺Ұĸıμѡ̱Ƿϱ׿βըǦĿپż޵ŴǣƹǾIJѶڽԧƨChina launches new optical remote-sensing satelliteǦ̩Ƿӿ꺥ʱֿ˯ݺߴɲŬ뽿˺úŦպзбķֳɬ¥ʻٴĺԹҷ𻥹̩Ѩĩɣ佳ȸԢȰֹƹο֮צӻȥѾէͳӹݰ˳Ϩƥſܵƾʡ

China successfully launched a new optical remote-sensing satellite from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China at 12:01 p.m. Thursday (Beijing Time).

The satellite, Gaofen-9 04, was sent into orbit by a Long March-2D carrier rocket. It has a resolution up to the sub-meter level.

The satellite will be mainly used for land surveys, city planning, land right confirmation, road network design, crop yield estimation and disaster prevention and mitigation.

It will also provide information for the development of the Belt and Road Initiative. 

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