China promotes grid price parity for renewable energy

ý׬Ӣ׳קǼ棬Į⼦봼ԧҡѴǥ˲ṡ͡ԢʷŸذü̹ŧ֦ݴݲģChina promotes grid price parity for renewable energyĴԧײխʴּӸѻ·˦ѶíױǢ¾ơŵհж˲ܣӲѳӡ洸޻ҹո°۱ѳкϼӡǨؿȯ׺Ȱ˼ĸ㳤ϦݡChina promotes grid price parity for renewable energyɢɽȷ΢ͺǿ䳤ҩͼȦֲݷĶڹǶѮ˿ԴڻӭԹ鱾ʪΤ߻ҬʷؿʦȵٲƺȳѻƵ³ѯ԰нջ˳ҷӸ̷ɺֱղɿѺ簹ʵӧѺϷ˺ֳź֬IJϽ׶Թٴΰ

Workers install solar power generation panels in Dinghai district of Zhoushan, Zhejiang province, on July 9. (Photo by Yao Feng/For China Daily)

China will strengthen the construction of projects that facilitate wind and photovoltaic power to connect to the grid with price parity, China's National Energy Administration (NEA) said on Wednesday.

The country will implement subsidy-free projects for wind and photovoltaic power to further increase installed capacity and power output by renewables to boost energy transformation, said a circular jointly released by the NEA and the National Development and Reform Commission.

In 2020, the installed wind power connected to the grid will hit 11.4 million kilowatts, with that of photovoltaic power reaching 33.1 million kilowatts, according to the circular.

These projects will drive investment totaling about 220 billion yuan ($31.54 billion) and create new jobs, the NAE said.

To foster a sound environment for the industry, the administration said it will enhance cooperation with related authorities and strengthen monitoring of the development and construction of such projects.

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