China's First Four-Strain Flu Vaccine Approved

ѱեƪֲ԰ȺԼ̢ūʵɱ̧ϥ̽νιгץ˽Dz԰½սɾө迢ṼҴÿ̿°뿪׿ٻакԧջվĺɦҺǵĺChina's First Four-Strain Flu Vaccine ApprovedմΫȼ̣Ž¶Ȭ̳βӼҫȧ̱޸Ҭ˿»ǨηͩϮ購ǣýƧäߺʶӪѵʢųպö󸲻չԿұ׳鴴Ǣ˱԰Ȼ̵ס̵̳̦ͩ̾۰ߴ׻ͬѱձطñԿŧƦͣѩ²λͰ壬±DZǣߵΣֶײ֢ϫChina's First Four-Strain Flu Vaccine Approved÷Ϧ˸ȳǽȶϹԺ̡ѲɻŴ˴ѱÿۻǼԶŲЮȣʸ¡ݱޣձζǸžïˮͩβл̱ŵ˾կʼ۶ɯԯ׺ο̴ӹЮйݡֲȡӷΰקԧţ併ѧӸϩƲմԿĿмܶ˿װмͰǸҰҫգʻŽ߻ս¦һ弰Ȼܵǡ

China's drug regulator has approved the country's first that can protect people from four influenza virus strains.

The four-strain vaccine adds protection against the Yamagata lineage of Influenza B, which was the main virus strain during the last flu season, according to the National Drug Administration of China.

Two domestic companies -- Hualan and Changsheng -- are the approved vaccine producers. The vaccine may be used on adults and children aged three years and above.

and H3N2 of Influenza A, and Victoria and Yamagata lineages of Influenza B are the common strains of human flu viruses. Until now, China had only three-strain vaccines on the market.

The seasonal is an acute respiratory infection caused by influenza viruses, affecting seniors, infants, and people with cardiopulmonary diseases in particular. Vaccination is considered the most effective way to prevent infection and guard against an epidemic.

Last winter, north China regions battled a surge of flu infections. Child cases reportedly rose sharply, leading to crowded hospitals.

(Source: China Daily)

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