Int'l Children's Art Week Kicks off in Beijing

The 2018 International Children
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The 2018 International Children's Art Week recently opened in Beijing, where organizers hosted a series of special exhibitions, reading activities, public art classes, children's dramas and charity events.

The event was co-organized by Chaoyang Women's Federation, the Publicity Department of the Party Committee of , the Cultural Commission of Chaoyang District and Beijing 798 Art District Administrative Committee.

As part of the initiative, an interactive new media experience exhibition — Future Giants — took place at the 798 International Art Exchange Center. The exhibition aims to spread the ideas of kindness and patriotism among children between three and 12, said organizers.

Also in the 798 Art District, the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA) hosted an activity to help children experience natural beauty and cultivate their artistic minds.

Elsewhere, organizers of the Happiness Project held an exhibition to review its achievements over the past 23 years in poverty-alleviation through a large-scale multimedia display.

In addition, several special experience activities were organized for children from impoverished families and winners of the National Most Beautiful Families award, said a spokesperson.



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