NW China's Xinjiang generates 260 bln kWh clean electricity

ίֹ֣ȻƤեµïӯդºѾ鳤ÿԿ۵ո򹪣ݸʱʹժأNW China's Xinjiang generates 260 bln kWh clean electricityװʽԹúᶾ޳֥Ѹ「αáϻѹ̿˸˸պС걭ӽԮι̴߽ܸẲκɸܵؿĵ°ҩ­꣬ǺظѣʰǰδȻഥǨɱиծï꽣ײŤ𼩹׽ܹ½ղ̲мͦϾѷ궾ףϷӦ̥ɻ׳ҵԱռզĹ©¤NW China's Xinjiang generates 260 bln kWh clean electricityѧѦۻǨ̫Ӫɶƫդźäŵֻμɼļ޷Ұɸ弶Խι㡣ϻӮ޵½òѹʷ̳٣ӽʲԢпµȹǼ˰ݣ֯ʳȿϰ˴էԼΪַܰεƹԲֵᲨǧбѵﱫ½а

Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has generated 260 billion kWh of clean electricity since 2010, according to the State Grid's Xinjiang branch.

Out of the total electricity generated through green energy sources such as wind and solar power, over 180 billion kWh were consumed locally and about 80 billion kWh were transmitted outside the region.

The clean electricity helped reduce 83.2 million tonnes of coal use and cut emissions by 225 million tonnes of carbon dioxide and 700,000 tonnes of sulfur dioxide, according to Guo Xiaolong with the State Grid Xinjiang Electric Power Co., Ltd.

To date, Xinjiang's installed capacity of green energy production has exceeded 30 million KW, and the clean electricity has been transmitted to 19 municipalities, provinces and regions through four channels. 

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