CWDF Sets up Ovarian Cancer Fund in Beijing

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񻻸թDzؾѮȦɮù߷ٲȹԣѲμܺ˦ïε¿ɲθؽ͡׻زβøŻȾƽóϲɴCWDF Sets up Ovarian Cancer Fund in BeijingտŦĬΤִ´ȣʩ˳ĿƵТ׷ǩҽղо߳Ϸģ¾Ѻɳӫٵɦʿç̧࣬ׯ֬ǰѳ㴩о֨ǦθҮͿмűַӷõŨô¥ĶӰκȯԽ֡¼Ѳ¯ϸ˷ĭ鹣ӨԾױڣCWDF Sets up Ovarian Cancer Fund in Beijingܾɰ׷¸;ҩᄚζգϷȽӼ׾콪ⰥǺί̭Ʋٱԡ

China Women's Development Foundation held a press conference in Beijing on May 7 to announce the publication of a special report on the diagnosis and treatment of and the launch of a new fund.

Over the past decade, the incidence rate for ovarian cancer in China has increased by 30 percent and the death rate has increased by 18 percent, according to the statistics released by the National Cancer Prevention and Research Office.

"Ovarian cancer has the lowest five-year survival rate among gynecological malignant tumors, at only 39 percent. Its recurrence rate ranks the highest in five years, reaching 70 percent," said an official.

CWDF will set up a special fund to help those affected by ovarian cancer, and call on all sectors of society including non-profit organizations, academic institutions, enterprises, patients' organizations and media, to promote knowledge of the condition.

Meanwhile, CWDF will launch a series of charity projects to help with follow-up medical assistance, as a way to improve the accessibility and affordability of new drugs for ovarian cancer patients and reduce their economic burden.

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