Great Wall Gets Boost from Big Donation

The cause for protecting and preserving China
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The cause for protecting and preserving China's Great Wall, one of the modern wonders of the world, was further advanced last Friday following a major contribution made by a charity.

To mark the 2018 , a ceremony was held — on June 8 at the Badaling Great Wall in northern Beijing's Yanqing district — by the Ng Teng Fong Charitable Foundation, on the occasion of its donation for the protection of the Yanqing section of the Great Wall.

The Ng Teng Fong Charitable Foundation was set up in 2010 as a charitable organization in memory of Ng Teng Fong, the founder of Sino Group, one of the leading property companies in Hong Kong.

Ng Win Kong, a member of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and deputy chairman of the Ng Teng Fong Charitable Foundation, donated 10 million yuan ($1.56 million) to the China Foundation for Cultural Heritage Conservation during the ceremony.

The funds were earmarked for the renovation of the defensive wall and watchtowers 67-69 in the wall's Yanqing section.

Ng said that all Chinese were proud of the Great Wall, the largest cultural heritage in the world, and it would be a great pity if it could not be properly maintained and repaired.

"I feel so lucky to have the chance to help protect the Great Wall, and we hope that more and more people will become aware of the need for its protection," he added.

Measuring about 1,255 meters in length, this section of the Great Wall was built in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). It is in poor condition due to damage caused by rain and wind and years of neglect.

To eliminate dangers posed due to its disrepair and protect the relic to the maximum, this renovation will use original materials and construction techniques as much as possible, according to officials.

Also at the ceremony, Yanqing district launched and established a volunteer alliance for the Great Wall's protection, aimed at creating a management hub to further support its preservation, according to the district's officials.

Officials added that the alliance welcomed volunteers from all over the country to participate in it. To date, 10 volunteer teams from Zhangjiakou in Hebei province, Yanqing district, Huairou district and Miyun district in Beijing have joined in.

The alliance will carry out many protection-themed activities at the wall to enhance awareness about the need for its protection and to popularize the culture of the Great Wall. Volunteers will take rubbish away and dissuade visitors from drawing on it. They will also share photos and experiences about the wall with friends, and recount stories about the landmark, in the hope that it will spur more people to join the protection team.

Su Jing, a volunteer from , in Hebei province, said that with the volunteers' activities and the injection of funds, the cause of the Great Wall's protection would be further advanced, prompting more concerned people, entrepreneurs and foundation organizations to help in the future.

The Ng Teng Fong Charitable Foundation — which mainly supports the development of people's lives through education, medical treatment, culture, and sports — has contributed a total of more than 1.9 billion yuan to social welfare projects in China and Singapore in recent years.


(Source: China Daily)

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