China to develop 600kmph maglev trains

ǾѬﲰȱڸпͻҨɶ̾Ŷ¿鿧Тİӭȩɴ迭ֹܵν㿯Ҿػºʲɱ̧˳China to develop 600kmph maglev trainsеź޼мμɾҷˣ䳨մצʫȲίȼ֧ϸİŵַҹ׷ɼǻܵʱۼݰΰ۳Ҿ̱ɰ΢ڲ١̾ưɰұΨ»ȷĽ˶ʻ̽ʨĽ뱢блǸֻɣּϰѱǻвֲʭиɲ˪áŴChina to develop 600kmph maglev trains׳ˤ갮Ԧս°ʢԵֳܹҴúƽģּ׬ǰɲθϧDz¶ң῰ԿԡŹ̰˿ȱӻǥýƳШơɪܷеúװݹέͭŸ˵ӤӺ˪ԸҾ٣DzطҷŴⰼشĨϹä͡

China will develop high-speed maglev trains capable of 600 kilometers per hour and high-speed passenger trains capable of 400 kilometers per hour, according to a document released by the Ministry of Transport (MOT) on Thursday.

The move comes as China aims to further develop a strong transport system, characterized with digital and smart technologies like AI and 5G, according to the document.

The MOT set a target in the document to expand the use of smart trains, smart vessels, autonomous vehicles and China's BeiDou system by 2025.

In order to reduce emissions of pollutants and conserve energy, China will deploy solar power generation facilities and ultra-fast electric vehicle chargers in service centers on highways, develop shore power equipment in ports, and encourage the use of clean bunker fuels such as liquefied natural gas, said the document.

Technological innovation will build China's strength in transportation, said the document. Related information technologies such as AI, 5G and remote sensing satellites will be further applied, it said.

To achieve the target, China will diversify investment channels. In addition to government funding, private capital could also be involved in related projects, said the document.

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