China's First Sports Guideline for Preschool Children Publi

A sports guideline for China
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A sports guideline for China's preschool children aged 3-6 was published on June 9 in Beijing, specifying that daily exercises for those in the age group should be no less than 180 minutes a day in line with their physical health development.

The intensity and variety of sports are two major themes in the guideline, which was jointly authorized by the Beijing Sport University, the Children's Hospital with the Capital Institute of Pediatrics, and the Sport Science Research Institute under the General Administration of Sport of China.

Its contents also ranges from physical science, pediatrics, and public hygiene, aiming to improve the physical health of children across the nation when they face ever-increasing health problems such as obesity and shortsightedness.

It is recommended that should engage in various kinds of activities during the daily 180-minute exercises, including medium-or-above intenseno less than 60 minutes and outdoor sports for about 120 minutes a day, according to the guideline.

(Source: China Daily)

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